SophiaCarmien'sHome Page

I am Sophia; I am 12 years old.

I have a dog named Shadow. Here I am with him four years ago.

My dog is big and black

I own a very large key collection.(roughly about 5,000 keys) If you have any exess keys, Email me!

Here is my new stepmother and my dad at their wedding.

Here would be Hjordis; here would be my dad.

I love to write! Right now, I'm working on a short novel that I temporarily call: By the Light of the 
Full Moon, He Saw the War
. I hope to finish it by January.

This is me, my step mother(Jordi), and my waky dad(Stefan)

This is me and Jordi
Here is my dad

I love to act. Currenty, I'm in the "Witness for the prosecution", acted by members of the BCT.

This is my photogenic stepsister, Saskya...

...with my stepfather and me

Here would be us


I like recording CHANNEL 67 NEWS STATIONs.( To most of you, this is completly incomprehensable. Just smile and nod.)

I like "They Might Be Gaints"  music

and my cool dad just turned me on to the "Bangles".

I am in 9th grade, and like math and French.

(I used to  like Drama but my teacher sucked!)

Get on my exteemed persons list!(Email me, and I'll think about it)


To go to my dad's home page,CLICK here

To see a story I wrote when I was younger, click HERE