Stefan Carmien - Research

My doctorate in Computer Science focused on assistive technology for persons with cognitive impairments - based on a socio-technical approach to Human-Computer Interaction.
I am now working in San Sebastian Spain, at the Tecnalia Foundation. I currently focus on socio-technical systems supporting successful aging in place, with an emphasis on pre-Alzheimer diminished cognitive abilities. My postdoc work was at the BIKA group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT) in Sankt Augustin, Germany working on several European Commission Projects.

Previous Research programes

Past School Projects.

  • MAPS :  MAPS - Memory Aiding Prompting System - my PhD topic research - the open source code for the system is available on request
  • OPUS I:  Automatic Call Distribution Notification and Screen Popping for Hotel Reservations - Winter/Spring 1997. My company sponsored this project. The custom screen popping and multimedia interface to the ACD system is still used and provides an important service at Express Reservations.
  • LOST : User Interface for The Answer Place, Winter/Spring 1992.  My senior software project here at CU boulder. Turns out we designed a web browser and composer in Visual Basic in 1992!

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